Sunday, March 15, 2009

Woot, Woot

Eden Prairie Eagles are Boys 2a State Hockey Champs!!!

What a great finish to the season! It's super fun because one of my BFF's husband is a coach so it just means a tad more to see a local time win it all!

Karri & I watched the whole game and the after the game craziness last night even though we were exhausted from 2 parties during the day and she is 32 weeks pregnant!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Help Bring Jack Back!

Baby it's cold out there! Help bring Jack back in because it's down right nippy in Minnesota right now. One of my close friends has her husband sleeping outside on the football field all week to raise money for his school.

Bring Jack Back

New Pizzas

I have added 2 new pizzas to my lineup!

The yummy thick crust which is assembled similar to a Chicago Deep Dish was an instant hit. It's made with different crust that I normally use and the crust is a bit more labor intensive but well worth it. The thick crust is baked in a pizza pan on a stone in mid range heat but for much longer (about 30 min).

Last night I debuted the White Pizza, whipped a white sauce up from scratch and it was excellent and then we complimented the white pizzas with artichokes, some Parmesan cheese, maybe a little ricotta and additional veggies if needed. The white pizza uses my standard crust and is baked on a stone in high heat (550).

Notice the Market Pantry ricotta in the above pic! You can't walk into a Super Target without being attacked by Market Pantry or Archer's Farms items. At first I thought it was crazy but then after some price comparisons and taste tests I say BRING IT ON!

The sad news for my local Super Target is after April 4th I will never be back. My little town is getting its own grocery store, Fresh Season Market . I'm so stinking excited to go shopping in my PJs or without a shower and see my neighbors and everyone else I know!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crap, I have a 5 year old!

I can't believe how ancient I feel now that I have to say I have a 5 year old! It's ridiculous and weird that turning 34 a month ago didn't phase me yet admitting my son is turning 5 today scares me.

Yes, 5 years ago today Preston George came into the world hollering and a tiny bit blue thanks to the hole in his lung. He pulled through both the hole and the massive lump he got on his head upon exit and continues to amaze me each day. He is a kind, smart, giving and wonderful boy who will grow up to be an amazing man!

I also find it horrifying that my 3 year old thinks she is 5. Not to mention she asked for makeup the other day, I don't even wear makeup how in the world would she know about this stuff? Because she is 3 going on 13!