Monday, June 15, 2009

Thinking of the McCartans

Sometimes things get stretched out and confused and you just don't know where to go. It is compounded when both sides are prepping, dealing and maybe even struggling. As you start a very big week please know I'm thinking of you and wishing the best of everything as you welcome your beautiful, healthy lil man into the world.


I find that when I'm worried or have things on my mind my obsessive personality really kicks in so lately (past 3 months) I have been on a huge exercise kick. It is really very good for you and a much better improvement over loads of wine and since it does the body good I actually look good in my bikini this year!

What I'm struggling with is tweaking my diet to go along with an increased weight training/cardio exercise routine. I'm very good at eating healthy and eating all the right things but I struggle with timing the intake of proteins and carbs right after a workout. I think mostly because when I work out hard I'm not hungry. I'm back on the protein smoothies and that seems to help because if I don't do it right I feel like a slug by the end of the day.

Not much point to this post but if you have suggestions for yummy power packed smoothies - pass 'em on!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wrinkly Walnuts

No pictures will be included with this post and you should be thankful.

I guess its time to fully admit I wear a padded bra 24/7. I have this special one that I wear to bed that is supposed to help detox your body while you sleep (yep, I believe anything) and then of course during the day I have enough padding to protect me in a front impact car crash.

I guess the problem is I never admitted why I surround myself with so much padding. Last night my night bra was in the wash so I wore a tank top with a built in bra (you know a string of elastic and some cotton) to bed. Well I was horrified when I saw nothing.

Yep, nothing! I know nekid I have wrinkly walnuts but just seeing them stare back at me when I have clothes on (and no padding) made me quite sad. I suppose this has its perks but currently I'm unaware of them.

I will say I'm very glad I ordered a Victoria's Secret Miracle Swimsuit because apparently I will need.

Off to go look in the mirror at what little I'm left with.

I lied about the picture - feast your eyes....
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Farmers Market Flowers

Finally after years of waiting we get a grocery store and a farmers market all in the same year!! WOOT, WOOT!

The farmers market isn't anything to write home about but it works because I have these beautiful peonies and some yummy fresh made salad and cheap cheese. You really have to love the midwest for the cows/cheese and farms that can grow just about everything but bananas.

I will admit that I'm bummed because none of it is organic and I try and buy only organic but how can you say no to these farmers who work so hard planting, growing and harvesting all these yummy things only to sell them for a buck!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is so wrong to actually publicly admit but here goes...I hardly shave and therefor have been using the same razor since we built this house (6 yrs) and needless to say its a tad bit dull. This dullness made it very hard for it to get to a certain spot in my pits (I know TMI).

Anywho, I opened a free Schick Intuition that I had shoved into the bathroom drawer. You would have thought that for as long as this thing had been hidden in my drawer that all the nasty soap would have fallen off or disintegrated. Which brings me to my point, why the heck is there soap around my razor? Who came up with this (not so) brilliant idea of covering the cutting part with soap. I mean, have you tried to get a razor with a bar of soap on the end into your pits to actually shave?

Unless I have the worlds smallest arm pits then it just ain't possible. So this so called razor is sitting in my shower uncorked with the hope that the water washes away the bar of soap so I can actually use the darn thing.

Here's a picture in case you come across one of this unnatural soap monsters.

Some Things

Normally I have a cup of Ganoderma coffee - its a decaf powder that you add water to. It's supposed to have some health benefits but I can't remember what they are right now, hopefully it isn't increased memory.

I do this because I love the coffee and if it does something, great but I'm out. I have no idea how to use the coffee pot and when I do the comments are along the lines of "this tastes like sludge" so I opted for a jar of Foldgers Crystals. I have said jar of crystals because I use it to make a mean Tiramisu and its safe to say it doesn't make a mean cup of joe.

The kids and I went on a short hike before fishing yesterday because I love hiking. I love being out in the middle of nowhere surrounded my trees, silence and just the beauty of earth. I was researching different hiking spots when I came across GeoCaching. I have always wanted to try it and I think with 2 kids that enjoy hiking it might be the perfect summer activity.

What I love even more is the location of some of the cache's literally in the little park down the road and on by the lake in our downtown. Needless to say I'm so freaking excited I can hardly stand it. I do need a new GPS because we have an ancient one that was cool before GPS's were cool. GR has been instructed to pick up the Garmin Oregon 400t because after much research last night it seems to be the best and easiest.

I haven't cooked much this week but I'm anxiously awaiting my Pampered Chef Torte Pans. I got on a hug Cheesecake kick with the Pampered Chef Spring Form pan (thanks to an High School friends blog and perfect Choc Swirl recipe).

No big plans today other than a good workout for me and soccer for P.