Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is so wrong to actually publicly admit but here goes...I hardly shave and therefor have been using the same razor since we built this house (6 yrs) and needless to say its a tad bit dull. This dullness made it very hard for it to get to a certain spot in my pits (I know TMI).

Anywho, I opened a free Schick Intuition that I had shoved into the bathroom drawer. You would have thought that for as long as this thing had been hidden in my drawer that all the nasty soap would have fallen off or disintegrated. Which brings me to my point, why the heck is there soap around my razor? Who came up with this (not so) brilliant idea of covering the cutting part with soap. I mean, have you tried to get a razor with a bar of soap on the end into your pits to actually shave?

Unless I have the worlds smallest arm pits then it just ain't possible. So this so called razor is sitting in my shower uncorked with the hope that the water washes away the bar of soap so I can actually use the darn thing.

Here's a picture in case you come across one of this unnatural soap monsters.

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