Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fire Alarms & Pizza

This project was originally to use my pizza dough recipe (usually made in the summer on the grill) to make breadsticks and calzones and test the pizza water inside in my oven.

2 fire alarms and a bunch of smoke later, which clouded my whole first floor. WE HAVE PIZZA! I made a few breadsticks, they are fine just like the grill ones. I made one calzone and feed it to GR so not sure how that worked out. I focused on my obsessions - THE PIZZA!

I made one for the kids at 500 in a convection oven (which is actually 525 in my oven) and it turned out fine if you like normal pizza. I like thin, crispy yet chewy pizza so I researched. My oven temp was right but I was seeing many people say they pre-cook the crust, so I gave that a whirl. You really have to watch for crust bubbles because it ain't folklore they happen and big time. It worked, I had a crisp yet chewy crust and perfect toppings just melted with a slight brown. Yes, I ate a piece before I took the picture, shoot me I was starving!

The downside is I feel like I have burnt cornmeal poisoning and the kids keep asking when the smoke will clear. I think its the high heat and cornmeal (which helps the pizza slide off the stone) that caused so much smoke. I actually used my fan (which I hate) and it scared poor Juno the husky all the way to the kids bathroom. I had to go drag her out and put her in the basement to watch football.

I just ventured to the basement to bring the kids more pizza and the calzone was gone so I'm assuming that is a good sign. While this appears to be a relatively cheap dinner it did take me a bottle of wine to get through preparation and serving.

man, I'm tired. You can find me on the couch now which is few and far between.

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