Friday, December 5, 2008

So much to say

I have been severely lacking on the blogging time dept, must be the season.

Anyway its hard to follow up my previous post so I will start with the simply fact that it was not staged! That is truly Maren, I came around the corner one quite Monday afternoon and saw "it" so I quickly and quietly retreated to grab my camera and nabbed the shot. Although I was caught in the act, it was well worth it.

On another random note, I just used my Citrus Peeler from Pampered Chef (just bought it at a neighborhood home party a few moths ago) and I'm not sure what rocked more the amazing Satsumas from my CSA or the freaking Citrus Peeler!

Just a quick PSA on CSA's - if you don't know what one is or what is means or don't care - LEARN, FIGURE IT OUT & NEVER LOOK BACK. You get organic fruits and veggies for a very reasonable price and you help support local farming. Can you imagine being a farmer right now! Check it out!

QOTD: Is it a reasonable for a 4 yr old to buy is secret Santa 5 yr old neighbor a fake bosch chainsaw that seems pretty real. I let each of the kids pick out their gift for their secret Santa - Maren picks a paint your own cup/dish set which is very cute and very girly! Preston picks a Bosch (done by Target) chainsaw and the big problem is he thinks this is the best GIFT EVER. So much he hardly wants to give it away!

It's time here for 09/10 school year sign up which means I have to commit to what school we are sending Preston too and what schedule I want Maren on so I can get work done. I researched for an entire year and stumbled across the perfect Kindergarten to send P to, it has everything - full day, music, art, small class size, bus service etc etc but its in the next town over which is a BIG bus ride for me! I think it will do wonders for him and I'm so excited to see him turn 5, it feels like just this week he has come home and started talking storybooks about his life.

I'm waiting to hear from BFF Cousin about her "Philosophy" use, I started today with the gift set for my face and the Amazing Grace line and so far so good. I need something to make my barely showered, non makeup face look somewhat put together. Plus I need to smell good since showers are apparently optional for me, not my choice but simply by lack of time.

I leave you with my picture of the day. Can you guess the item? It should be easy as my good flash needs batteries and its pitch black in my house.


Miss V. said...

what, pray tell, is a citrus peeler? You have me intriuged!

Jen, Preston and Maren said...

Here is the link to it, I have had so many people ask I think in my next post I will show it in action!