Monday, February 2, 2009

Reading Minds

Sometimes I wish I could read minds, think of how easily you could avoid fights, prepare for situations or just understand someones POV. I don't read minds therefor I questions decisions I make, I really shouldn't doubt myself especially when its an obvious right choice made.

Yet I do. I think sometimes you want something so bad that when you try and interpret another person thoughts it can cause frustration because you will always doubt your decisions.

In true Jen fashion when I make a decisions about someone in my life needing to be gone then they are just gone. I don't play half way, either your on my team or your playing against me. The problem is that doesn't stop me from missing what could have been.

The Super Bowl Party was a hit but when do I throw a party that isn't a hit. Food was good, game was great and friends are always fun. I'm not sure why I appear to be the shorty in the picture because Rachael is totally shorter than me! It must be because it was her birthday!

Now that I'm done with a huge party weekend I have a ton of stuff to attack this week - taxes, work projects, meetings, errands, Maren's birthday (must bake cake) and then her actual party. I'm actually excited for her to turn 3, I'm not one of those parents who dread their kids growing up. I'm excited each day to see them learn, grown and change.

I can't wait to give her the birthday gift, I skipped the American Girl doll because she isn't into dolls much. I opted for a nicer dollhouse than her current Fisher Price one and my favorite store Pottery Barn Kids had just the answer. Stay tuned for pics of it.

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