Sunday, November 2, 2008

Best Day Ever!!

It was the best day ever!! Actually it was the best weekend ever although it didn't start out that way. My Grandma arrived Thursday evening as I was dealing with a major case of party set-up ADD, I just could not get focused enough to decide what I should do. I left to go make the kids food and my Grandma arrived with a massive black eye and hurt arm/knee. After some discovery I found out she had fallen that morning so off to urgent care were we learned she had a small fracture in her hand and general bumps in bruises. All in all very lucky it was nothing worse.

I came home to disaster so I had a bottle of wine and chatted to pregnant friend #2 until almost midnight. Important lesson in party planning - night before party drinks lots as it really helps you be productive. I did manage to pull out of my ADD long enough to get the party setup and I think between the work (majority) that 3 friends did while I was at urgent care and what I pulled together we looked PRETTY DAMN GOOD!

We did food and the crafts (make your own pumpkin and ghouly gloves) in the basement and also had a small scary room (spooky lights, skeleton and music). Outside we hung thick black plastic from the underside of the deck to create a room. We did pin the tail on the cat and had tables for them to eat at, that room we kept good and fogged! We also had Pumpkin Bowling, Pass the Bone and Find the bones.

The time was perfect, plenty of food and all the parents enjoyed drinks and appetizers. Can't wait to start planning for the 2nd annual next year. In fact we hit Target up the day after for all the necessary items so all we have to worry about next year is food!

Although the party success was because of the hard work and dedication of all 4 friends the weather certainly helped. We haven't had a warm Halloween (50's) for at least 5 yrs so it really helped to set the stage. Plus I love throwing parties with 4 brains instead of just my wimpy-wine-impaired one because you really come up with the best ideas!

We sent the kids out to ToT and I proceeded to drink wine I mean hand out candy on the front porch. Then everyone came back and the kids ate candy and I drank wine. We PJ'd the kids and set them up with high quality educational movies (Spongebob Halloween) and drank some more wine and ate. All things said it was a lovely Halloween and great weekend.

It really did help having my Grandma here, it was fun for the kids and allowed me to get the house cleaned up. I always function much better when my house is somewhat clean so at some point I must head back to the kitchen and clean up the pre-football nacho mess.

I honestly have no plans this week other than to veg-out but then I need to quickly turn my mind to Turkey Day and work on my menu and start shopping for it. I was able to pull down Halloween decor yesterday and get Thanksgiving up so at least I look festive.

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