Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making a play for it!

I have been working on my own, for my own company since I had Preston. I kinda dabbled and never really got serious but lately I have had great luck finding clients so I have decided to jump in with both feet!

I want to work and for the sake of me doing less house projects need to work! Having my own company and working virtually should be the best of both worlds, I can be here for the kids, work and still manage stuff around here. It's amazing how much time you pick up when you don't have a commute or lunch hour etc etc.

I made a free site and if business continues to boom I will upgrade to a fancy site. I also widened my scope of offerings. I'm a top notch project manager and lately I have mastered the virtual admin asst jobs but I threw in some of the fun things I like to do - photography, event planning and organized effectiveness. Here it is:
PG Star Consulting
(its migrating right now but should be up later).

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Nomers said...

Cute blog! Good luck with your business adventure!