Friday, November 7, 2008

What a difference a few days makes

This is the view from my kitchen window just a few short days after the last picture.

SNOW!!! Can you believe it, the kids can't wait to get outside and have spent most the morning just staring out into the cold wetness. The dogs won't come in and just keep running circles in it. Which makes me think I had better get them in or they will "run down" all the snow and the kids will have mush!

In order to enjoy our first snow fall I think we will do Fondue Friday and make a bunch of different dippables that the kids can dip veggies, fruits, grains and sweets in!

I'm thinking a Spinach Dip, something with hummus and perhaps this tasty treat. To be honest with no range my options are quite limited but the wait will be worth it when a new one is delivered to me on Monday! I plan my inaugural dish to be lasagna, now what we will eat for the next 3 days I'm really not so sure.

So I hung some curtains in the bonus room yesterday, spent at least 30 minutes attempting to figure out why they didn't look even. Only when I pulled out the tape measure did I realize that one of my 84 in curtains was 82 inches. What a relief that I didn't install the rod totally whacked. In the policy of full discloser it is partially whacked, it just was not my day for this project!

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Noob Mommy said...

Love these snow pics! We're still having 85+ deg weather here in CA. Ugh!