Sunday, January 18, 2009

Death Trifecta & Superstitions

I will warn you nothing in this post will make you think of rainbows, small furry bunny rabbits or a Disney princess.

Let start with the obvious Death Trifecta, I was introduced to this thought process years ago and it was more in relation to celebrities and how they seem to die in sets of 3. Over the years I have watched the patterns in my friends, coworkers and acquaintances (because I have very little family to see the theory play out).

Sure enough you tend to see death come in 3's. Sometimes its all in one family or sometimes all in one month or sometimes not much rhyme or reason other than 3. Like I said before it very rarely impacts me because I have so few family members.

Until today, My grandpa passed away unexpectedly, you would add this to the fact my friend Rachael lost her Grandma a few weeks ago. We are up to 2 (in case you are slow in math like me). The problem is Rachael's husband lost his Grandpa today also so we are at 3. You might be thinking we are in good shape not so quick, Rachael's husband is also watching is dad (who is so young) fight for his life.

That is the spooky part, if we loose him then the Trifecta starts over and somehow I have to deal with losing 2 more people. Let's think positive and with lots of prayers.

Now onto the superstition, this habit of mine has really increased as I've gotten older and had kids. I believe somethings just shouldn't be messed with and I'm afraid I messed with something I shouldn't have.

When I was pregnant with Preston my Grandma gave me a Celtic cross from Ireland (they are originally from there). I never took that cross off in the 5+ yrs I have had it until Friday. Wouldn't you know it, I take the cross off and lose my Grandpa 2 days later. I'm probably a wee bit more emotional right now but that just seems down right spooky to me.

yep, I'm a downer. Maybe tomorrow I can crack a smile, we shall see how several things play out.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO SO SO sorry about your loss. I lost my grandfather almost a year ago. Things do seem to always happen in 3's.

I pray that you do not have to go thru this anymore. You and your family and friends are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.