Monday, January 26, 2009

Rock on Snowman!

Preston brought home this fine piece of artwork today from school and I was so freaking proud. It's not everyday your first born makes a tie-dye snowman!

The snowman is now proudly displayed in the kitchen and he will rock out daily with us and remind all who come to work hard, party hard. I'm pretty sure that isn't what Preston had in mind when he created the masterpiece but that is my motto.

Maren had her first gymnastics class tonight. Unlike Preston she didn't have the chance to participate in 427 different mommy and me classes (I was pretty burnt out after living la vida loca with Preston, we did every class under the sun and then some).

Maren & I pretty much stuck to the basics like music, gym and swimming. She was all alone tonight with me watching from the sidelines and did terrific. It's amazing how well your kid will listen to a complete stranger. I totally expect my daughter to be an Olympic gymnast after seeing her performance tonight!

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That Girl said...

she is adorable and I love your background.