Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I probably have more than I care to admit but here are a few that stand out. What quirks do you have?

Names - I never call people by their given names, I typically make up a name for them or just use "hey". Except for my kids, I use their real names but they also have a long list of nicknames (MareBear and Big P being the top ones).

I'm not sure what it means if I call you by your given name but I would take it as a compliment. Only 1 other person besides my kids has that honor.

Wasting Food - I hate wasting anything but food really bothers me. Perhaps its because I have very little control over all the people and kids that go hungry each day.

Anyway I refuse to toss anything out but most of the time I can't eat it so I donate it to my 2 dogs. I'm not sure if that's really not wasting it but it feels like good karma to me (and the dogs dig it).

Pictures - I have 1,234,543,756,000 pictures of my kids, dogs, trees, house and various things but none of me. I think that is why I love photography because I'm behind the camera and don't need to be in any shots. I simply hate the way I look in pictures and never feel like its a good one.

I need a good, current one for my blog and for facebook and just because underneath my yoga pants, ponytail, wrinkled t-shirt, haven't showered in 2 days self is a hottie!

Modern Furniture - no offense, it just doesn't fly in my book.

Cold Coffee - not Iced Coffee but when my hot cup of coffee turns lukewarm. It has to be scalding hot - love it.

Wouldn't you know that as I'm re-warming my mug for the 23rd time someone will interrupt my drinking process and it will once again turn lukewarm.

Off the cuff but when tiny hands dig through my office desk and discover the Valentines chocolate I bought for them.

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That Girl said...

I have the name issue too. I very rarely use peoples name. When I was younger and dating a guy my family made fun of me because I never said his name.