Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I have 2 butts!

I'm going to keep this as clean as humanely possible and I guess its a really good thing that my camera lens broke yesterday. I spent the morning explaining to Maren (who is just about to turn 3) that she doesn't' have 2 butts.

I had heard rumors about this for a week because we are very free flowing with talk about Preston's parts. Not so much with the girl stuff, the words just aren't as "nice sounding" so I stay far, far away from it.

I know that most of you are saying what an irresponsible thing to do, not to give your kids the correct names for each part but I must say at least I didn't name it some cute fluffy name. Like all boys have a we willy winky and all girls have a fluffy bunny. I kept it real....until this morning.

It took 20 minutes of talking and convincing and it even involved bodily fluids. I was able to prove her wrong (victory!!) with talk about the origination and final resting place of poop (sorry but you know this would eventually go south).

I feel like Mom of the Year now that both my kids can refer to their parts with the correct terms. Off to reward myself with some quality reading materials (Us Weekly) and a glass of hydrating water (wine).

Before I go, I'm throwing in a random picture just because it will be awhile before my dear husband stops at Best Buy and buys the lens my camera needs. Feast your eyes on my new lens.

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That Girl said...

OHHHH those talk are so much fun, huh?
have a few glasses of wine!