Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Do you ever just have a good day. Nothing really specific to put your finger on but just a good day, a day when you smile for no reason. Don't get me wrong I smile most days, even at strangers but today I was just giddy, silly, happy! I haven't had a HAPPY day in a long time.

What I think I love most about life is the unexpected quality of it. How you can be moving down one path and hit a completely large speed bump and sometimes that is a good thing.

I'm a planner by nature and I thoroughly enjoy mentally planning out every aspect of my life. Right now I'm not really interested in that and would simply like to enjoy the ride. Perhaps because I ultimately have no say in the future like I always thought I did.

One things I love is hearing a song and listening to the words and finding meaning in them. It's exciting and almost healing to hear someone else dealing with a similar situation.

I do wish I could see into the future, it would be nice to know everything ends happily.

No pictures, even with my new favorite lens I haven't taken my camera out much.

Probably distracted by something.

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That Girl said...

glad you had a happy day!