Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Serious Ranting!

Again I suck at blogging right now, I'm in a total funk and can't figure out why. Life is same old, same old so that isn't the problem (or is it). I love winter and it is really winter here right now (-10 below) so that can't be it. Who knows but I'm cranky and not talking about it right now!

I finally took the plunge with Facebook, I need to understand these sites from a Social Marketing perspective for a work project and I was tired of getting pestered to actually check my page. It has been an interesting ride so far reconnecting with old friends brings back so many memories. I remember most although some are blurry due to underage alcohol consumption (I can't get into trouble for admitting that now, can I?), some are humbling since I had some big family things that went down on a regular basis and some are hard to stomach because I was so shy and insecure back then.

I have a hard time reconciling the person I was back then with who I am now. I really shouldn't let that stop me from catching up with old friends and walking down memory lane but it stirs things up I pushed way down and sealed off. Sometimes i think I should have stayed in Colorado and not come to Minnesota so many years ago - was I running from my problems, not dealing with difficult situations or just ready for a change. I don't know and I'm not sure I want to know.

Housewife rant - I'm officially on strike, nothing in my job description says I should have to pick up stray socks from random places or attempt to carry a six pack of empty soda cans from the bedroom.

Some of you will know this new strike is in addition to my previous dry cleaning strike of 6 months ago. I need to come up with a name for this all encompassing strike that would include soda can removal from any area of the house, dealing with laundry remnants and crumb wiping up.

A heads up to anyone who lets their kids play unsupervised while they blog, this could happen to your pool table! Notice the strategically placed dog tail(he was too dumb to move). How in the world did they get all those pillows and blankets past me (some are in the basement but most are from their beds - BAD MOM).

On a final note this is the face Maren made most of Monday night while at the hospital. She made this face when telling the doctors "I won't eat poop anymore".

This is the poop she is referring too - thanks Nana!

Sometimes I wonder if this is really my life????

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Watson World said...

Hey Jen!! Just read your most recent post!! I know life was tough for you way back then and I know that you had a lot of things going on @ home. However, I think that you did what was best for and got as far away from the situation as possible. I had a lot of issues way back then too and let me tell you I needed the move to Texas.. Now don't get wrong, I fought the move big time but I know now that it was best for me. I miss Colorado and the people that I left behind terribly, but I am so happy to still be able to at least talk to them here and there. I am also very thankful to be back in touch with you!! I have missed you over the years and always wondered how you have been. We are all very different from the people we were 15+ years ago, but I think it is a good thing to be able to relate to the girl we once were! You are a great person, always have been and always will be, and I am certain that you are a great woman/wife/mom!!