Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had planned on trying once again to make mini-thanksgiving but it didn't work out so I converted a recipe that I usually do in the crock pot to a quick stove one (we shall see how it turns out).

Monterey Spaghetti - today I used some cooked noodles, can of Cannellini Beans, can of diced tomatoes, spinach, a bit of mayo, a bit of soy milk,an egg (powdered) and some cheese and dried onions. Cooking on 350 for 1 hr with a bit of time after to brown the top.

So I hadn't planned on posting again today but for the 3rd time in a week I managed to burn my hand cooking - 1st on steam from a micro veggie bag, 2nd lasagna on Sunday and third just FREAKIN now!!

But I have the magic cure - a bit of Calendula and kids bandage and it's like it never happened. I swear that stuff is magic I would post before and after pics but you can't even tell I was burned.

Off to figure out if dinner is edible....

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