Sunday, October 12, 2008

over myself

ok, I know my last post was so self-centered, selfish and all about me! I just want to make it clear I'm over myself and in my defense all this happened when I had massive crying PMS. I love my dear friend and am nothing but thrilled and excited and can't wait to hold the wee one (wee in more ways than one)!

Busy weekend - we did the Apple Orchard/Pumpkins on Saturday and the kids had a blast. Went to Dianna's Saturday night for drinks and bonfire, Preston came with me and played and Maren stayed home because she was a bit worn out.

The kids sang in church this morning as part of the Preschool Singers, both were nervous but Preston came through. He held Maren's hand and went up and for the first time in his preschool career sang!! He looked like he wanted to throw up but he did it and Maren even sang a bit so I deem it a complete success and am incredibly proud of them. So proud my weepy PMS self all but practically cried like a baby!

Not much else planned for the day, very busy week of errands and prep because I leave Thursday night for a girls weekend in AZ. This will be my first time away from the kids, I mean I only spent about 14 hrs in the hospital partly because I didn't want to be away from P (and partly because I hate hospitals).

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