Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Girls Weekend

I know its the same post title as a few days ago but its the same topic! Girls Weekend was perfect and I mean totally perfect - perfect weather perfect activities, perfect food and no drama. It was lovely and relaxing, calm and peaceful and fun and memorable.

The weather was mid 90s during the day and probably low 60s at night. We had great meals cooked at home and one good lunch (right before we left) at a brewery, a tiny bit of shopping, a great hike and just time to chat and read. Nothing was ever forced, it was all perfectly natural.

I admit I was scared about going someplace so freaking hot but it was great. I was scared about going someplace with all girls but I love and respect their company even more now. I was scared to leave my kids but they did great and although I have to repaint 2 rooms my house is still standing.

A cactus on our hike, not sure if its a Saguaro but I can tell you how to pronounce it

We hiked Pinnacle Peak and these are some of the rock formations that look like they could topple at any moment

I consider it a perfect success! Now onto to making the same happen with our large Halloween party.

I'm waiting patiently for the Twilight movie to come out, yesterday I heard Bella's Lullaby and fell head over heels for it.

I managed to get my house put back together yesterday and even my fridge cleaned out (we had pizza for dinner) so today I can touch up paint a few of my chipped rooms and finish up some work then organize my desk. It is piled with 2 kids worth of preschool activities, crafts and misc.

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