Wednesday, October 8, 2008

and it broke

It took a few days but I had quite possibly the worst day ever - on the phone dealing with a bank issue, crabby kids, basement dishwasher backs up and spills all over the workshop floor, my drill breaks when I'm trying to hang my new curtains, the dogs are constantly wet and muddy since it has rained the ENTIRE FREAKING DAY!

ok, I must stop focusing on the negative and start on the positive - I ordered pizza for the 2nd night in a row and had several glasses of wine, I skipped the kids bath, I borrowed Rachael's drill and wet vac (I'm pretty sure I'm getting married to that drill) and ultimately I accomplished nothing which is always a good end to the day.

I can actually say that the kids weren't too bad except for the pen on the couch and the huge mess in the bonus room (which is kinda normal so why complain).

Wednesday was better and it ended with a bang but before I get to that I must wrap the day up. And find a large bandage to wrap my completely steam burned pointer finger (yep, they put the STEAM EXITS HERE - HOT for a reason on micro vegetables). And yes dinner was not delivery pizza but grilled cheese and micro corn!

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