Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This actually happened last week but I still chuckle and !@??!!@#$ a bit everytime I open the fridge.

Ok, here’s the story, try and keep up…

I noticed when I got up yesterday at 6 AM that I had water running down the fridge, I assumed GR did it during the night and didn’t think anything of it. Until it started to pool up around the fridge and was a constant stream of water. I checked out under the sink and thought I found the turn off valve for the on-the-door water. I conferenced with Ryan Rice because guys are always right and they know this s*it!

So I turn the water off (and test, its OFF) and I’m leaking so I continue switching off towel to soak up the mess. I had called BBY who does our maintenance and the soonest was Tuesday so I scheduled that. I get up this morning (after changing towels out overnight) and it’s a mess, water everywhere and its warping my wood floors so I find someone (who I have to pay as BBY is free) to come look at it this morning.

The guy was here for 3.5 minutes, he explained that the tiny bit of plastic bag on the bread (you know the part that is leftover after you twist it shut) was covering my cool air vents. In turn this was making my ice melt (which sits in the door) hence water pouring out the front of my fridge from my NEVERENDING SUPPLY OF MELTING ICE CUBES !@#@!@###%$$$!!!!!!!

$59 bucks, one less loaf of bread and 16 soaking wets towels my fridge is fixed – IDIOT!!!!

The bright spot is it gives me a reason to drink tonight.

partial shot of the fridge in question (I actually love that fridge!!!)


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