Thursday, October 16, 2008

Girls Weekend

I have waited until I was practically out the door to tell the kids I was leaving for the weekend. I will be honest, I have hardly been away from them since they were born. Technically I have never been away from Maren and Preston I was gone 1 night while I had Maren!

When I told Preston he said "If you are gone the whole weekend, I will miss you so much!". "Will you miss me that much?" he asks with tears welling up. I automatically start crying (heck I'm crying typing it) but I managed to tell him I would miss him more.

Of course my missing the kids will come in between a spa day, days at the pool, shopping, eating good food uninterrupted, drinking lots of wine and just laying around doing nothing. but I will miss them both! I'm not sure what I will do when I use the bathroom and don't have an audience, perhaps one of my 3 girlfriends coming with can be the audience.

Did I mention we have perfect fall weather here - 50, sunny and leaves changing. Did I mention I heart fall the most! Did I mention we are going to Arizona and its 90! Did I mention I'm not a fan of heat, summer or boob sweat! Did I mention I don't care because I have managed to do my nails, toes, brows, hair and I look somewhat put together (this is a change see unrelated comment below).

In regards to me never looking put together, Maren's teacher told me I looked "stunning" at church on Sunday. Keep in mind this is the one who sees me un-showered 98% of the time and in sweats. I had managed to get a simple black dress on with tall black boots and my hair brushed (it did need to be washed since I was going on day 4 but...) and apparently it was enough. You know what I will take the compliment, heck it made my freaking week!

Off to the official Girls Weekend 2008 Arizona. I love my kids and will miss them terrible (probably miss GR also)!

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