Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheap and then some

I'm one of those odd freaks who is so incredibly cheap in some ways yet all together the opposite in others. One of my ultra cheap ways is controlling the heat & AC so we have no heat right now and won't until November 1st which is my turn on date! Well it has been mighty chilly here so the house has been down to 58 and warms up to about 62 during the course of the day.

I'm thinking due to that I will make something in the oven for dinner. If you remember my oven door doesn't latch properly so it does a nice job of heating the house. Although then it doesn't do a great job of cooking the food but honestly you can't have everything.

Here's to hoping the oven problem gets worked out on Thursday when the repair guy comes and also that he can make my dishwasher decide to start washing the dishes again. I have much faith in a guy I have never met!

Hours have past and I have done very little but sit outside and chat with friend and drink wine (me not her as she is with child). Gotta love 2x for Tuesday at Dominoes. I know have both kids asleep because I fear we are battling another cold off.

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