Monday, October 13, 2008

weight loss

My summer was very emotional on one hand and on the other very much like a college frat party. My kids were finally old enough to play on their own with supervision which allowed me to have an actual conversation with adults. We did many laid back evenings of drinks and food. Let's just be honest when you are 5' 3.75" you can't really afford to over indulge often.

I lost all my pregnancy weight after Maren was born and was back down to 127/28 (I was about 120 when I meet GR and 127 when I got married). When I stopped nursing I gained about 10 lbs pretty easily, it's safe to say I made good use of the 500 calories I was burning making milk. Then over the summer I plowed all the way to 163.

I'm proud to say as of yesterday I was back to 144 and back into about 1/2 my clothes! I can tell that putting on that kind of weight when not pregnant ravaged my already ravaged body but what is done is done. and only 14 more lbs to go.

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